Back to School Reads!

Ease back into school with these awesome recommendations from our kids room experts: Olivia, Eli and Kanishka.

Olivia’s Picks:

When a stroppy witch spies David's delicious baking from his cherry tree, she quickly starts hatching secret plans to steal all of his cakes! Even the witch's magic is no match for David's quick thinking, as he plans some clever tricks of his own.
A funny New Zealand classic with a yummy little recipe at the back!
Recommended for ages two and up. RP $20

Penny's back in the highly anticipated third book in the Girl Online series! As she sets out to help her new friends overcome fears and work up the courage to perform, she soon realizes her efforts just might be thwarted by the people she knows best...
A great page turner- perfect for girls 14 and up! RP $26

Eli’s Picks:

Where has that hippo gotten to now? A band of students try desperately to find a missing hippo (you can spot him on every page!), going to hilarious efforts to do so.
Recommended for ages three and up. Hardback RP $30

The Baudelaire children’s parents have died. They are sent to live with a villainous failed actor. The authorities aren't listening. And why is that eye symbol popping up everywhere? This sets the stage for an amazing saga filled with secrets, lies and misunderstanding.
Recommended for ages 9 and up. RP: $20

Kanishka's Picks:

12 year-old criminal prodigy, Artemis Fowl, stumbles across an underground world filled with fairies and gold. In hopes of rebuilding his father's crumbling empire, he kidnaps a fairy, soon learning that fairies might be more dangerous than he once thought...
Recommended for ages 9 and up. RP $21

A thrilling adventure following a young orphan named David as he’s sold to pirates by his scrupulous uncle! Recommended for ages 8 and up. RP $17